Photo Gallery - G1


Photo 1 - Sir Alex Ferguson at the Mons Calpe Suite signing autographs for the Olivero Family.

Photo 2 - Lunch at the Mons Calpe Suite, the Cable Car attended by Sir Alex's group with members of the Committee and several members.

Photo 3 - Mike Phelan on arrival at the Cable Car being met by Louis Balloqui & Bianca Correa (Committee Members)

Photo 4 - Sir Alex Ferguson arriving at the Cable Car with Chairman Clive A. Moberley & Secretary Brian Cardona.

Photo 5 - The Premiership Trophy displayed at the Mons Calpe Suite, the Cable Car. 

Photo 6 - Sir Alex Ferguson sharing a joke with Carl Seromenho, IT member of the Branch with John Sheppard of the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Photo 7 - Sir Alex Ferguson & Louis Balloqui Committee Member at the Mons Calpe Suite.

Photo 8 -  Sir Alex Ferguson flanked by Committee Members, Stephan Peralta & Michael Moss. 

Photo 9 - Our only female committee member, Bianca Correa with Sir Alex Ferguson at the Mons Calpe Suite.

Photo 10 - A group photo of our Junior Members.

Photo 11 - Bryan Robson with our Junior Members with a great view of the Rock.

Photo 12 - Mike Phelan with our Junior Members 'talking football' 

Photo 13 - Bryan Robson in another photo with our Junior Members.

Photo 14 - Bryan Robson holding a training session with our Junior Members.

Photo 15 - Member Michael Alman with his grandchildren with the Premiership Trophy, with Committee member Bianca Correa keeping an 'eye'

Photo 16 - Members Duncan & Tamara Borge with the children and Premiership Trophy.

Photo 17 - One of our Junior Members holding the Premiership Trophy.

Photo 18 - Bryan Robson & Mike Phelan signing autographs at the Victoria Stadium.

Photo 19 - Manchester United Junior Members with Bryan Robson & Mike Phelan with Minister for Culture the Hon. Edwin Reyes in attendance at the Victoria Stadium

Photo 20 - Bryan Robson & Sir Alex Ferguson on arrival at Gibraltar Airport on
the 10th August, 2009.